I was born in Paris in 1965,
I'm working and living in the Var.

 Young, I studied the History of Art at the Michelet-Sorbonne Art institute in Paris, having personally specialised in plastic art.
After a general course in the History of Art, I turned naturally towards contemporary art and mastered the abstract art of Jean Dewasne, whose work undeniably influenced my future work.
At the same time, I acquired professional experience in the medium of restoration and contemporary art, then chose to orientate myself towards the restoration of paintings which I practised for 15 years. Nourished by the experience of my professional experience, I once again took up my personal artistic production in the 2000s.
I accomplished at first numerous pastels and cut paper giving me the basis of abstract language which I then manifested in my painting. Proposing first a lyrical treatment of line,I evolved towards a more constructive presentation, adopting a lacquered paint which I favoured as my medium and from which she appropriated, except for canvas, different surfaces such as glass, metal, wood or plexiglass.

My approach

My work consists in abstract visual structures that I would define more like wall sculpture than usually identified paintings. Looking for the right balance betwenn shape, color and material, whose exactness will draw one to visual emotion, my reflection focuses on light, texture, transparency and volume.

Diversion and highlighting unexpected surfaces are a part of my approach. To create my surface, I appropriate and stage any type of everyday life items and objects which become the main actors of my creations. They lose their utilitarian identity and leave the way for their aesthetic presence.

Once the general form is built, my second thought in creating resides in finding a balance with the paint. I use a lacquer paint which plays with the materials’ contrasts through some graphic compositions always more stripped down.

Acting as an emotional vehicle, the paint comes, as a final touch, to sublimate the materials.